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EDM can save your hair :-)

I am doing a training this week and one of my student told me that his DB can be used with EF. Indeed, his base isn’t great for EF: a table Bases with 4 columns: Id, int, Identity (PK) Key, int, … Continue reading

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TPC can be strange

Imagine the following tables: Table1 Column1 Type1 (PK) Column2 Type2 Table2 Column1 Type1 (PK) Column2 Type2 Column3 Type3 Now, imagine that we want to do the following mapping scenario: EntityType1 Prop1 Prop2 EntityType2 : EntityType1 Prop3 To do this, we make TPC to … Continue reading

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EDM Designer

I didn’t blog for a (too) long time which is strange for me. I received some emails asking if I was ok and I found in this a similitude between Scott Guthrie and myself. Lol So what did I do … Continue reading

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