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I didn’t blog for a (too) long time which is strange for me.

I received some emails asking if I was ok and I found in this a similitude between Scott Guthrie and myself. Lol

So what did I do during my nights this last month? No I don’t sleep more and no I wasn’t in a 6 weeks’ vacation.  [:)]

In fact, I’m beginning a very funny project: doing an EDM designer! And I thought that it was time I did my first WPF project. [:)]

If you look at the code, you will see a VB project. Yes Julie, you read well. [:)] This project is used to write an edmx file from my classes and, instead of using serialization, I choose to play with VB9 XML Literal. For all other projects, I use C# of course.

The first version is only a CSDL read-only designer.

I think it makes two interesting points compared to the current MS designer:

  • The ability to show only some entity types and not all
  • The ability to show Complex Type

What do I want to add in the following versions?

  • The ability to add or remove csdl type / property / relation / inheritance (fixing these bugs of course) and to save it into an edmx file
  • The ability to change csdl type / property properties like the name, the visibility, etc.
  • The ability to show and change the mapping (including TPC which isn’t supported by current MS designer)
  • The ability to (re)generate csdl entity types from ssdl entity types. (In current MS designer, it generates it when you add the table / view from the wizard but if you delete your csdl entity type, you have to regenerate it yourself or to delete your ssdl entity type and to use the wizard to add it again. Moreover, for SSDL View, you have nothing to generate the CSDL entity type)
  • The ability to add SSDL Views or Functions
  • Integrate it in VS
  • The ability to save your designer

You can download it here.

As I said previously, I am a WPF beginner so if you have time to audit it and if you have some remarks, advices, criticism, post a comment please.

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2 Responses to EDM Designer

  1. Daniel Corbett says:

    Tried your Feb 12th release, and I get an error:

    Failed object initialization (ISupportInitialize.EndInit). Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Error at object ‘odp’ in markup file ‘EDMDesigner;component/edmdesignerwindow.xaml’ Line 20 Position 88.

  2. Matthieu MEZIL says:

    Very strange. Witch exe do you run? EDMDesignerRunner.exe? If you run directly EDMDesigner, you will have an exception because, you have to specify in argument the edmx file path.
    Let me know if it fixes your problem.

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