EDM Designer V0.9

My first EDM Designer version was a viewer. It’s now a real designer.

You can realize all the EDM mapping scenarii without writing xml yourself! [:)]… except for Functions mapping (with Stored Procedures).

I am very happy to see the interest of some of you on this project and I am sorry to be so slow but, you have to understand that I work on it only at night and moreover, I have a wife and two children, so I haven’t got as much time as I want to do it.

Remember that it’s my first WPF project. So the code is probably not perfect. Moreover, my tests are near to zero so there are probably some bugs. If you find one, please send me an email at “matthieu.mezil at winwise.fr”. If you have some WPF advices, you can also send me an email.

In the next version, I will try to integrate it in VS.

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2 Responses to EDM Designer V0.9

  1. Paul says:

    And here’s the link for anyone else who’s stupid like me and spent 2 mins looking for it 🙂 http://www.codeplex.com/edmdesigner

  2. Matthieu MEZIL says:

    Thank you Paul. I forgot it. I add it in my original post now.

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