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French ALT .NET Demo

Last week, I spoke at an EF session for the french ALT .NET community. During its course, I made a WCF demo with EF POCO and a sort of LINQ provider in the client part. This provider is very simplistic (made in less … Continue reading

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EDM Designer: one more new feature

I just added a new feature in my EDM Designer: when an entity type isn’t mapped or is only partially mapped (so we aren’t able to use our edmx), I reduce its opacity: I do the same for Model Browser: I also … Continue reading

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EDM Designer: new feature

I added a new feature in my EDM Designer: the ability to see with context menu in which views the selected type (entity type or complex type) is present and the ability to navigate to this view. Or directly from the Model Browser   

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EDM Designer: new version

I just published my EDM Designer. After a lot of talks about it, particularly at the MVP summit, I changed my tasks priorities. With this new version, my EDM Designer doesn’t manage SSDL functions (including Stored Procedure) and is not integrated in VS. For … Continue reading

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EF: Working with the context cache

When we want to work with ObjectContext cache, we have to use the ObjectStateManager with its boring syntax. products = context.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntries(EntityState.Added | EntityState.Modified | EntityState.Unchanged).Select(ose => ose.Entity).OfType<Product>(); My idea is to make it into an extension method: public static class … Continue reading

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MVP again :)

All is on the title. [:)]

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How to use LINQ extension methods on non generic IEnumerable?

LINQ extension methods are great but… it’s not so cool when we use non generic collections as it is often the case with Sharepoint or TFS APIs. Likely, we have two LINQ extension methods Cast and OfType which allow us … Continue reading

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