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The VS 2008 SP1 EDM designer doesn’t support all the mapping scenarii: Complex Types (supported with VS 2010 Beta 1) TPC Horizontal Entity Splitting I know another (free) designer which does [;)]. The most irritating thing with VS 2008 EDM … Continue reading

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How to split your EDM?

One of my customers wants to code an ERP. To make it, he wants to use EF. His DB has more than 600 tables with a lot of relationships between all of them. The problem is the fact that Entity … Continue reading

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EF4 POCO: my tests

I published an unit tests project to show how POCO works with EF4. I also wrote a BetaBugs test class in order to illustrate the POCO implementation Beta bugs.

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EF: SQL queries

With EF4, it’s possible to execute some SQL queries. (It was possible with EF v1 with EF extensions). I don’t like it. Indeed, it implies to break the EDM abstraction against the DataBase. Moreover, we can do without. In the … Continue reading

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POCO: CreateObject and object initializer

When we work with POCO entities, queries return instances of proxy class which inherits entity types. Having some proxy instances allow us to use lazy loading. When we create an entity in order to attach it to the context, we … Continue reading

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Play with T4

One of the most important new thing with EF4 (EF v2) is POCO entities (no dependency with EF). Having independent classes is good but code generation also is. Indeed, if we want to change entities we don’t have to do … Continue reading

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POO is so pretty with C#

I will take a major risk with this post but, never mind, I will write about POO today. It’s a major risk because I think that every architect has different ideas and even if I use some design patterns, I … Continue reading

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EF with WCF recent demos

I recently made a demo of WCF and EF with POCO for French ALT .NET event. Danny made a great demo for Tech Ed with EF, T4 generation template, WCF and ASP.NET MVC. I now post a new EF and WCF demo that I made this … Continue reading

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