The VS 2008 SP1 EDM designer doesn’t support all the mapping scenarii:

  • Complex Types (supported with VS 2010 Beta 1)
  • TPC
  • Horizontal Entity Splitting

I know another (free) designer which does [;)].

The most irritating thing with VS 2008 EDM designer (it isn’t true, likely, with VS 2010 Beta 1) is the fact that it generates wrong errors. And these F… errors are shown when we compile our project even if our project do compile. Indeed, the emdx file isn’t compiled. It’s the code generated from the edmx which is compiled.

When the errors are like: “Error 11005: ComplexType elements are not supported in the Entity Designer.”, you can be irritated: but WTF! [:@]

An edmx is divided into four parts:

  • the 3 EDM parts:
    • SSDL // DB description
    • CSDL // entity description
    • MSL // mapping between SSDL ans CSDL description
  • a designer own part

In this last part, you have an option.



    <DesignerProperty Name="ValidateOnBuild" Value="false" />



When it is false, no error message with compilation and you keep zen. [:)]

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