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Generate a WCF service from an edmx with T4 v2

I recently published a T4 template to generate a WCF service. I updated it to be able to load its relationships from an entity. When the template is written (what I’ve already done), it generates the WCF service for us … Continue reading

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dynamic and indexer

Remember one year ago, I wrote a post on how to use reflection with dynamic keyword. At this moment, I sent an email to MS to add an indexer in dynamic. I don’t know if my email changed any thing … Continue reading

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Entity Framework: the productivity way

One of the best points with Entity Framework is the developer productivity gain. If you associate EF with the T4 template code generation, this gain explodes. Imagine that we want a WCF service which exposes some data. For each entity … Continue reading

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EF: Include with where clause

Several guys ask me if it’s possible to add a condition in the Include method and the answer is no. However you can do an equivalent like this: from cWithP in     (from c in context.Categories      select new      … Continue reading

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