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Data oriented WCF service Agile with EF4 and a “sort of” provider LINQ

I use a different approach than Julie’s one for EF Agile development. Indeed, I use here Self-Tracking Entities and I massively use T4. The first step is to create a project DAL in which we will add an edmx. In … Continue reading

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4 in 1: EF won’t fire DBAs, Velocity, SQL CLR and SQL Dependency

Imagine that we have a table Cars with a PK Id (nvarchar(8)) based on the following regex pattern [1-9][0-9]{1,2}[A-Z]{2,3}[0-9]{2}. The last two numbers are a region code. The increasement is done like this: 10AA[region], 11AA[region], …, 999AA[region], 10AB[region], …, 999ZZ[region], … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Data Services Client context

One of the great points with EF is the eco-system around it. Even if it can be used without EF, I think that ADO .NET Data Services is one of the technologies in this eco-system. Indeed, using ADO.NET Data Services … Continue reading

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