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How to have a sequential logic with asynchronous?

Asynchronous is often very useful: to avoid freezing the application during the process to be able to cancel a process during its execution However, the use of asynchronous is more complex and algorithms become more difficult to understand. Nevertheless, this … Continue reading

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How to map a View on a collection of Complex Type?

With EF, when we want to use views, we have to map them on Entity Type. The problem is the fact that Entity Type must have a key. In EF, we have Complex Type which doesn’t have Entity Key but … Continue reading

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CSDL Function

In my previous post (in French), I used a CSDL Function in order to have a DateDiff using the DB current date from the LINQ To Entities query. In this post, I want to calculate the OrderDetail amount with: (double)od.Quantity … Continue reading

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