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WP7: an application to help people with language issues

I developed a Windows Phone Seven application to help people with language issues. This application is principally useful for concerned autistic people (like my son) but it can also be used for many handicap. You can look at the video … Continue reading

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EDM mapping: How to use Horizontal Entity Splitting

One of the reasons why I love so much Entity Framework is the mapping. Many developers ignore how powerful EF mapping is. I just remind them that I realized some videos on it. Some scenarios are often very useful but … Continue reading

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Imagine the following scenario. You use MVVM, you have two classes on your model: public class Child{} public class Parent{    private ObservableCollection<Child> _children;    public ObservableCollection<Child> Children    {        get { return _children ?? (_children = new ObservableCollection<Child>()); }    }} You have two more classes on your ViewModel: public class ChildViewModel{    … Continue reading

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EF4 vs SQL Challenge

Hi SQL Heroes I think that Entity Framework is awesome for many reason and one of them is to simplify a lot queries with very good performance. I think that EF4 generated SQL is better than SQL written by the … Continue reading

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