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EDM Designer v2: PRISM and Unity

Some of you know it, I’m coding a new version of my EDM Designer from scratch. My first version was my first WPF project and I would not do it with the same way if I have to do it … Continue reading

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Generate your WCF Service from your edmx using T4

One year ago, I wrote T4 templates in order to generate WCF Service from edmx using T4. I presented it in last MS France TechDays and MVP Summit. However, I didn’t take time to think about what I wanted to … Continue reading

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Why using Entity Framework?

In this post, we will use a sample and we will study its implementation with DataReader / LINQ To SQL / Entity Framework. In this sample, we will use the following database : The method I want to code has … Continue reading

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WCF RIA Services: don’t forget EF best practices!

To include related entities, we need to add Include attribute in metadata. (Thanks Audrey :)) Then we can use something like this: public IQueryable<Customer> GetCustomers() {     return this.ObjectContext.Customers; } public IQueryable<Customer> GetCustomersWithOrders() {     return this.ObjectContext.Customers.Include("Orders"); } However, as I explained in a … Continue reading

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