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WAQS: Exposing Validate method on the service

7 reasons to use WAQS WAQS documentation   With the same way than for calculated properties, you can use NotApplicableOnClient attribute to specify that a validation method is only applicable on the server on saving and still with the same … Continue reading

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WCF with async await logic

I found this very interesting post to get a Task<T> from a WCF call. I change it a little bit to fix a bug and to allow usage of async / await using AsyncCtpLibrary. So I propose this implementation: public static class TaskFactoryExtensions … Continue reading

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Generate your WCF Service from your edmx using T4

One year ago, I wrote T4 templates in order to generate WCF Service from edmx using T4. I presented it in last MS France TechDays and MVP Summit. However, I didn’t take time to think about what I wanted to … Continue reading

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Entity Framework: the productivity way

One of the best points with Entity Framework is the developer productivity gain. If you associate EF with the T4 template code generation, this gain explodes. Imagine that we want a WCF service which exposes some data. For each entity … Continue reading

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EF with WCF recent demos

I recently made a demo of WCF and EF with POCO for French ALT .NET event. Danny made a great demo for Tech Ed with EF, T4 generation template, WCF and ASP.NET MVC. I now post a new EF and WCF demo that I made this … Continue reading

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French ALT .NET Demo

Last week, I spoke at an EF session for the french ALT .NET community. During its course, I made a WCF demo with EF POCO and a sort of LINQ provider in the client part. This provider is very simplistic (made in less … Continue reading

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