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How to have a sequential logic with asynchronous?

Asynchronous is often very useful: to avoid freezing the application during the process to be able to cancel a process during its execution However, the use of asynchronous is more complex and algorithms become more difficult to understand. Nevertheless, this … Continue reading

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EF: Another (better ?) way to deal with POCO entities

If you want to have POCO entities and to keep at the same time, the context features like tracking, attaching automatically relationships, Lazy loadings, EF will generate a proxy which inherits your entity classes and which adds some code to … Continue reading

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Data oriented WCF service Agile with EF4 and a “sort of” provider LINQ

I use a different approach than Julie’s one for EF Agile development. Indeed, I use here Self-Tracking Entities and I massively use T4. The first step is to create a project DAL in which we will add an edmx. In … Continue reading

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4 in 1: EF won’t fire DBAs, Velocity, SQL CLR and SQL Dependency

Imagine that we have a table Cars with a PK Id (nvarchar(8)) based on the following regex pattern [1-9][0-9]{1,2}[A-Z]{2,3}[0-9]{2}. The last two numbers are a region code. The increasement is done like this: 10AA[region], 11AA[region], …, 999AA[region], 10AB[region], …, 999ZZ[region], … Continue reading

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POO is so pretty with C#

I will take a major risk with this post but, never mind, I will write about POO today. It’s a major risk because I think that every architect has different ideas and even if I use some design patterns, I … Continue reading

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