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Entity Data Model classes

Entity Framework provides some classes to describe the Entity Data Model. This can be very helpful in many cases and particularly for code generation.   Then, Entity Framework provides a ttinclude file that allows us to use this model instead … Continue reading

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T4 Basis

T4 is a language tags that can be used in Visual Studio to generate file(s) (one file by default). T4 only has 4 tags: <#@ … #> <# … #> <#= … #> <#+ … #> Every thing that is … Continue reading

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My extreme meta-programming workshop

Today, I was in Tel Aviv speaking about meta-programming for a workshop day. As promised, I’m publishing the correction of the different exercises.   Exercise 1: The goal of the first was to change the default Edmx T4 to generate … Continue reading

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Roslyn: InvokeActivity using T4

Imagine the following scenario: in a project, there are developers and some functional experts. Functional experts have to design some workflows. Developers have to code some methods usable by workflows. The issue in this scenario is InvokeActivity. To use it, … Continue reading

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Generate your WCF Service from your edmx using T4

One year ago, I wrote T4 templates in order to generate WCF Service from edmx using T4. I presented it in last MS France TechDays and MVP Summit. However, I didn’t take time to think about what I wanted to … Continue reading

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Self-Tracking entities: How to reduce exchange between client and server?

Self-Tracking entities are really great for N-Tiers scenarios but we have to be careful in order to reduce exchange between client and server. Imagine the following EDM: and the following scenario: using (var context = new NorthwindClientContext()) {     var … Continue reading

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EF and N-Tiers

Even if it’s really easier with Self-Tracking entities and EF4, a difficult point remains in N-Tiers scenarios. In a previous post, I explained how with T4, I can generate all my WCF service. Now, what about the client tiers? I … Continue reading

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Data oriented WCF service Agile with EF4 and a “sort of” provider LINQ

I use a different approach than Julie’s one for EF Agile development. Indeed, I use here Self-Tracking Entities and I massively use T4. The first step is to create a project DAL in which we will add an edmx. In … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Data Services Client context

One of the great points with EF is the eco-system around it. Even if it can be used without EF, I think that ADO .NET Data Services is one of the technologies in this eco-system. Indeed, using ADO.NET Data Services … Continue reading

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Generate a WCF service from an edmx with T4 v2

I recently published a T4 template to generate a WCF service. I updated it to be able to load its relationships from an entity. When the template is written (what I’ve already done), it generates the WCF service for us … Continue reading

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