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How to unit test Roslyn Rewriter?

Yesterday, I wrote a SyntaxRewriter that adds null test on method body. So it could be very easy like this one: public int Foo1(OrderDetail od) {     return od.Product.Category.CategoryID; } That becomes: public int Foo1(OrderDetail od){    if (od == null || od.Product … Continue reading

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Data oriented WCF service Agile with EF4 and a “sort of” provider LINQ

I use a different approach than Julie’s one for EF Agile development. Indeed, I use here Self-Tracking Entities and I massively use T4. The first step is to create a project DAL in which we will add an edmx. In … Continue reading

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With EF4 features CTP1, we have a great POCO template which is divided in two tt files to allow us to have the entitiy POCO classes and the context in different projects. It’s very very cool. However, I think that … Continue reading

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EF4 POCO: my tests

I published an unit tests project to show how POCO works with EF4. I also wrote a BetaBugs test class in order to illustrate the POCO implementation Beta bugs.

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