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WAQS NuGet PowerShell command usage: init ViewModel using Roslyn

If you take a look to WCFAsyncQueryableFunctionsClientWPF.psm1 of WCFAsyncQueryableServices.Client.WPF NuGet package, you can see the PowerShell command used to initialize ViewModel. After removing error and TFS management, this is the code of the powershell command to initialize the active document … Continue reading

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Extend Visual Studio with NuGet PowerShell commands basis

There are many ways to extend Visual Studio. The most used is to vsix but today, I want to write about NuGet. In most cases, NuGet is used to add a dll reference or update a config file or things … Continue reading

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How to use WAQS?

7 reasons to use WAQS WAQS documentation   WAQS could be used in many kinds of applications. Some of my customers already use it for these kinds ones: 3-Tiers application Web application (ASP.NET MVC) Web service In this post, I … Continue reading

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How to unit test Roslyn Rewriter?

Yesterday, I wrote a SyntaxRewriter that adds null test on method body. So it could be very easy like this one: public int Foo1(OrderDetail od) {     return od.Product.Category.CategoryID; } That becomes: public int Foo1(OrderDetail od){    if (od == null || od.Product … Continue reading

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My extreme meta-programming workshop

Today, I was in Tel Aviv speaking about meta-programming for a workshop day. As promised, I’m publishing the correction of the different exercises.   Exercise 1: The goal of the first was to change the default Edmx T4 to generate … Continue reading

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