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EDM Designer

I didn’t blog for a (too) long time which is strange for me. I received some emails asking if I was ok and I found in this a similitude between Scott Guthrie and myself. Lol So what did I do … Continue reading

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Reflector IL to C# Bug

I was watching Entity Framework code when I found this code: switch (this.<>1__state){    case 3:    case 4:        break;    default:        return;        try        {        }        finally        {            this.<A title="void System.Data.EntityModel.SchemaObjectModel.EntityContainerAssociationSet+d__0.m__Finally6();” href=””><>m__Finally6();        }        break;} Very strange. It was the same with VB.Net. So I … Continue reading

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What do you think about private and protected?

I think it should be a great thing to have two notions: class private and instance private (and the same for protected). In my mind, in a lot of case, I shouldn’t be able to do this: class C1 { … Continue reading

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