Groove GFS Stub Execution Hook..

I can find out very little about what this is. I do know that it installs along with Microsoft Office.

I now know that if it is removed from Start-up, it will send my machine into spasm. CPU activity stays at around 65% and will not go down. A ‘system restore’ and a couple of reboots later, and all is well again.

Do I have MS Groove installed? No. I did a custom install of Office and made sure that it was excluded. So it must install with some other part of Office, and I am not prepared to uninstall any other application because I use all of them.

Why was I of a mind to remove Groove GFS Stub? For the same reason that people uninstall start-up items. I was trying to save resources, but I have so much for what I actually do each day, it is not worth the effort to remove anything.

I tried Soluto a few days ago. It is a utility which highlights start-up items, tells you which utilities are causing lengthy boot times. I knocked off the most useless items and ran it again. Wow.. I saved 0.1 seconds. All of the other start-up items I wanted to keep.

So my computer can take anything up to three minutes to boot to usable. Should I care? I only reboot the computer once every four days or after an update which requires it.

Talk about an exercise in futility.. I have looked at the Groove entry lots of times and wondered if I should stamp it out. Stamping didn’t work, so now I will forget about it..

There.. all gone.. Smile

  1. #1 by John Jordan on November 14, 2013 - 07:06

    I spent time checking the hook out. I think you will find it is part of the Security Task Manager program. Click on it’s properties and it comes up as that.

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