I read somewhere that CES may not exist come 2015. Microsoft are making their last performance right now. Apple isn’t there. Others will follow.

There is always a lot of hype for these shows, but does anybody care other than your local friendly technophobe down the hall?

Will the news, weather and re-runs of Mash look any better in 3D than they do now? If everything on TV becomes 3D, instead of chilling out on the couch, half watching some thing, we will feel like we are sitting in the middle of downtown at rush hour. Is that what most of us want?

What’s the difference between a photo taken at 1.3MP and a photo taken at 14.3MP? We now have a crappy, badly composed photo in HD. Was it really worth the $$$$$ or bragging rights? You tell me.

Will I get totally immersed playing Fable 4 with MS Kinect, or will I be put off by remarks from my grand-daughter like “What’s Poppa doing? He looks silly”?

Wake me up when you have teleportation or food replicators worked out. Both would be useful and have universal appeal. The former would save queuing at airports, jetlag etc and the latter would finally stamp out bland and indifferent home cooking.

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