Breaking news..

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The next Windows release will be named, wait for it.. Windows 10 Read here for more.. As I understood, Windows 9 would have appeared in say the first quarter of 2015, but I have read that Windows 10 will not be around until late 2015, so guess what folks.. You are still stuck with… Continue reading

Windows 8 File History..

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How to set it up: There is a nice article here on how to use and benefit from ‘File History’.. Theory always has a happy ending. ………………….. So, I set up File History to save to an external drive, partition ‘I’ called ‘Client backup’ and the computer did save to that drive for a… Continue reading

Sony Vaio and Samsung..

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Two more for the heap. Sony have dumped their PC range and Samsung have stopped Euro production and sales. I am trying to feel sad about them, but I honestly can’t. Sony’s Vaio priced itself out, placing style above value, and Samsung tried to make a go of Chromebooks. Boo-hoo.. In the meantime, Lenovo are… Continue reading

GMail users..

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I guess that you have heard the news already. Five million of you can now say that you are not the only ones who know your password. It isn’t funny and I am not mocking you personally. If you are a GMail user and: You recently bought something from Home Depot You recently bought something… Continue reading