GMail users..

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I guess that you have heard the news already. Five million of you can now say that you are not the only ones who know your password. It isn’t funny and I am not mocking you personally. If you are a GMail user and: You recently bought something from Home Depot You recently bought something… Continue reading

Event Viewer

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The last week in glorious monochrome.. The error showing is down to my machine coming out of hibernation, and as it has zero impact on anything, I don’t care. This is how Event Viewer should look and my computer works very well indeed for what it is, age, general spec et al, and I never… Continue reading

MSN Messenger..

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.. will finally be pensioned off in October of this year. The final stand is in China, it having being pensioned off everywhere else in April of 2013. MSN Messenger first appeared on July 22, 1999, and was a basic but quick way to message across computer systems. Features were added over the years, and… Continue reading