Four words for you.. I love Office 2007..

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Welcome to the ribbon, a context sensitive ‘device’ that places all of the functions for a variety of tasks all in one neat line. It is certainly different, a major step away from previous versions of Office. Is it better? Absolutely it is. For those new to MS Office, it has the same learning curve […]

The Terrible Twins..

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Internet Explorer 7 and Windows MediaPlayer 11 are twins in as much as both have lost some functionality present in earlier versions. At the same time, both have features not present in earlier versions. First on the block – IE7.. I will say here and now that it works well for me. I had no […]

A little over a month..

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Vista has been running on this computer almost flawlessly. The interface is slick, looks good, and performance in ‘max’ mode is every bit as good as Xp was in Classic mode. Some driver issues still remain, but manufacturers are promising a better future on or after release to the general public come Jan 30, 2007. […]

A Sidebar update..

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I have come across two more gadgets that are useful. The first is very much a ‘personal taste’ gadget. I find it very relaxing while working on my computer to have classical music running in the background. On page 2 of ‘Add more Gadgets’, you will find the iClassical Radio Player. It takes up very […]

Microsoft Input Devices..

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Microsoft have released 32bit Vista drivers for their range of input devices. They are available from.. Finally, we get to see the on screen volume slider function as it should, and our $100 desktops sets now have full functionality as befits $100 instead of no name $5 input devices. Unfortunately, screen savers are still disabled by the […]

UAC or not UAC..

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.. that is the question. Whether t’is nobler to suffer the annoyingly constant ‘are you sure’ popups, or ………. hark, do I hear shouts of ‘get off’ emanating from the cheap seats? …. or just turn the damn thing off ……….. OK, OK, I’ll quit if UAC quits. I have no doubt that in a […]

Aero Glass and the Vista Sidebar..

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Aero Glass works better on light surfaces. Dark fonts on the title bars do not show well on dark desktop backgrounds. I have a darkish desktop background. I run Aero Glass purely because I can. The sidebar is more interesting. The clock has less functions than Win 3.1 clock had. The contacts book doesn’t auto […]

And as the sun rose..

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It became more apparent in the next few hours that I would probably have to keep my parallel installation of XP for a while. The list of programs that reported compatibility problems or simply wouldn’t install started to grow. First casualties were the support programs for my DVD/CD writer. PowerDVD 6 and Nero 6 do […]

Vista in the dawn..

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Vista has been installed on my computer now since the morning of November 18th, along with Office Professional 2007, and all is surprisingly good. Some of the drivers available for devices are not quite what they could be, but everything works. My Canon Lide 30 scanner was tried on RC1 during testing, and worked no […]

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