There is an optional update in Windows Update.. these are the details off of my own computer.. take a look at the URLs..  


Microsoft – Other Hardware – HID Non-User Input Data Filter


Installation date: ‎06/‎02/‎2007 10:57


Installation status: Successful


Update type: Optional


Microsoft Other Hardware sofware update released in January, 2007


More information:


More information:


If you do not see the update in the list of possibles, try uninstalling DreamScene, and then revisit WU.. as weird as it seems, the update reappeared.. it worked for one person for sure.. he didn’t re-apply DreamScene, but I suspect that one could having gotten it back having applied the ‘wireless receiver fix’..


There is also the possibility that the fix has now been included in drivers avaible from the Microsoft Hardware website, but I have no confirmation of this. However, downloading and installing the drivers presently on offer is worth a try if all esle fails.