Canon have now released an official Vista driver and ToolBox for the venerable Lide 30 (and all of the Lide range).

The earlier XP drivers and ToolBox actually worked in Vista, and I notice that the version numbers for Vista and XP drivers are the same. However, it is reassuring to have ‘official’ Vista drivers installed even if there is a suspicion that they are just rebadged XP drrivers. [;)]

Before installing them, download the Canon uninstall facility to remove all existing drivers before attempting to install the latest. Clicking on the link will take you to the Canon Scanner home page..

I don’t believe that the Lide 30 is available new anymore, but there is an Lide 80 around. The Lide was bought to replace a fast, but unreliable HP 6300c which ultimately failed completely. I was not pleased by the HP response in getting XP drivers out for it, and even less pleased that, at a little over a years old, it needed a costly repair.

The Canon Lide 30 has been everything that the old HP wasn’t. True, it lacks some of the features of its predecessor, but it has a very small footprint, does not require a power adapter, and it has yet to break down after almost six years in service. Way to go, Canon. Now if they could only release a printer that was as good as an HP ……………….. [:)]