Canon Lide and Vista..

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Canon have now released an official Vista driver and ToolBox for the venerable Lide 30 (and all of the Lide range).

The earlier XP drivers and ToolBox actually worked in Vista, and I notice that the version numbers for Vista and XP drivers are the same. However, it is reassuring to have ‘official’ Vista drivers installed even if there is a suspicion that they are just rebadged XP drrivers. [;)]

Before installing them, download the Canon uninstall facility to remove all existing drivers before attempting to install the latest. Clicking on the link will take you to the Canon Scanner home page..

I don’t believe that the Lide 30 is available new anymore, but there is an Lide 80 around. The Lide was bought to replace a fast, but unreliable HP 6300c which ultimately failed completely. I was not pleased by the HP response in getting XP drivers out for it, and even less pleased that, at a little over a years old, it needed a costly repair.

The Canon Lide 30 has been everything that the old HP wasn’t. True, it lacks some of the features of its predecessor, but it has a very small footprint, does not require a power adapter, and it has yet to break down after almost six years in service. Way to go, Canon. Now if they could only release a printer that was as good as an HP ……………….. [:)] 

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  1. I totally agree with everything you say. I have had a Lide 30 for 4 years & it worked perfectly.

    I’ve just got 64 bit Vista & the response I got from Canon Tech support was – we’re not supporting that model anymore, but you can buy a new one from us at a discounted price!!!

    Well Canon – if that’s how you look after your customers, you can rest assured my next scanner won’t be one of yours.

  2. I completely agree. I’m a little P.Od that I have Vista 64 and no Canon LIDE 80 drivers. Billion dollar company that can not recompile source code for a 64Bit OS? BS!

  3. Same issue here. I have the Lide 30 and worked perfectly with XP and Vista 32. Now that I bought a notebook with Vista 64 it doesn’t work. I think Canon should reconsider and put out the driver.

  4. Seriously, I just installed vista and this was the first thing I tried to do. I don’t blame microsoft, I blame hp. They have a vista 64 driver for the lide 25, which the picture looks exactly the same as the lide 30. I’m going to try to get it to work on linux or a virtual machine running xp.

  5. You shouldn’t blame HP really, especially as Canon produce the LiDE range of scannners..

    I like the LiDE scanner. It is small, doesn’t require a power supply, and can be even easily transported in a bag if needs must. Admittedly, it is not the quietest, or the fastest around, but it works well. Canon should continue to support it.

  6. I bought this POS at FRY’s yesterday, the box says VISTA supported!, Never said “only 32 bit supported”. I bought this to replace my old Canon that doesn’t work in vista 64, and here I go again, another failure by canon, brand new LiDE 25 and no 64 bit support, F U cannon.

  7. well, if it only ended with their scanners….seems like the best thing canon produces is a growing number of unsatisfied customers. try buying a canon camera and ask for repair under warranty, they laugh in your face…

  8. This will be the last product I will buy from canon. I can’t believe they don’t have drivers for a Lide 80 series yet. Very disappointed in this company.


  10. I have a LIDE80 and I cannot get it to work with other software other than the Canon Toolbox in Vista and that is the 32 bit version. Other applications detect the scanner driver on a clean install, but disappear after the first reboot.

  11. Dear Canon, most serious artist use Photoshop 64bit. Why in the hell wouldn’t you bother to make an updated driver for the lide 80? Well I will be buying a new scanner and it sure as fuck won’t be from Canon! Assholes.

  12. I can’t believe that Vista 64 bit is not supported by Canon for my Canon LIDE 30 but that it supports Vista 32. My old computer broke down a week ago and I had to buy a new computer and just found out my LIDE30 which was a great scanner is kaput because of a small thing like a new driver from Canon for Vista 64. I’ve had several computers over the last 20 years and this its never happened that a component had to be thrown out because of a simple thing like a new driver. Canon needs to make a new driver or I won’t be buying any of their products. My printer is a Canon and it has Vista 64 drivers, so why not the scanner?. I’m goint to send Canon a complaint though looks like they don’t care, but if enough people complaind to them, they might do something about getting a new driver for Vista 64. Sheesh..

  13. Sadly I have the same issue with the Lide 80 and windows 7 64bit. I noticed that both the 70 and the 90 have drivers:( but neither work.
    Sadly as well we went to Canon in part because we had exactly the same problem when going to xp only then it was the epson or hpo.. cant remember. Sadly its through away hardware, I am just really glad that Ive managed to make the canon printer work.

  14. I have a Lide 30 which has been excellent with XP but I now have Vista 32 and not only will the software not load but neither can I get the download from Canon to function!

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