Mosaic changed your life..

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.. even if you were not a computer user back in 1993/4. It was the first browser to incorporate pictures into a browser view. The picture above shows the ‘Windows’ version which did not come available until 1994, being released for the Mac and Amiga at the same time. By today’s standards, modems were incredibly […]

Recovery Partitions – Why you should NOT delete them!

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You may think that an OEM is being ‘cheap’ by putting a recovery partition on a computer and NOT giving you original Microsoft CD/DVDs. They take up valuable hard drive real estate, but the content of a recovery partition is maybe more valuable than the space it occupies. The recovery partition contains all of the […]

SP1 64bit update slip up..

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The SP1 64bit update found its way onto some systems after being released in Windows Update. It was meant for TechNet subscribers only, and has now been withdrawn. The wait for public release goes on and is scheduled for sometime in March or maybe even April as demand will be high high high, and will […]

A new look..

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The view through ‘Mikes Window’ has not changed, but look at the nice new frame. I have been messing with different themes for this blog, looking for something more modern than the 70’s ‘dumb terminal’ appearance, and of the choices available to me, I find this one more stylish. The body text has a softer […]

Vista Capable?

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A judge has ok’ed the class action lawsuit against Microsoft regarding the ‘marketing’ stickers applied to the front of XP machines in the months leading up to the release of Vista. We hear that some ‘big noises’ within the Microsoft empire had misgivings about rather vague ‘meaning’ of the sticker. One has to admit that […]

Life after Vista SP1..

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You know something has worked well when newsgroup ‘nay sayers’ fall silent or suddenly change sides. Windows XP had problems when first released. Make no mistake, it was a quantum leap forwards especially for Windows 9x/ME users, but it was dogged by incompatibility issues. Anybody who can’t remember this either has a short memory or […]

Defragmenting without the tears..

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For those of you who are suffering withdrawal since the Vista backroom boys took away the visual part of defragmentation, you can come out now. The nice people at Diskeeper Corporation have just what you need, and prices start from only $29.95 for the Home version. I know what you are thinking. The nice […]

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