They told me that cloud computing was the way to go. I asked them if they thought that my connection was fast enough, and they said yes.


So I gave up my computer on the ground.

cloud 3


But my new computer was not fast enough, and neither was my Internet connection. Before too long, I could only get yesterday’s news.


cloud 2


My ISP told me I would have to pay more for a faster connection if I wanted things  to improve, so I paid more but it didn’t work out. YouTube movies were still going back in time.


cloud 4


Cloud computing is not working out well at all now. My ISP told me that there were too many people in the clouds, and that they would have to limit the amount of users on any given day. They told me that it would be easy for me to remember which day I could connect as my day started with the letter ‘C’ (for clouds).

I sat looking at a blank screen for a while, then I remembered something in the basement which began with the letter ‘C’ for Commodore. Now my screen is full again with ground based stuff like ‘Rock Fall’ and ‘Outlaws’.