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What is the first thing that you will do when you power up your nice new shiny Vista computer?

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If you are a beginner, you might: look for and play Freecell look for and play Solitaire If you are a fairly accomplished Solitaire player, you might: install Yahoo or Windows Live Messenger so that you can start chatting again get somebody to install the software for your digital camera If you are a fairly… Continue reading


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If I was the type of computer user who can only have the absolute best and nothing else will do, I probably couldn’t afford one. I can understand a gamer wanting the best because every 1/000th of a second counts (apparently). I can understand a video/movie/graphics fanatic wanting the best because graphics require power to… Continue reading

Vista SP2 Beta 1..

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I downloaded it last night, and installed it just a few minutes ago. The install process was surprisingly short and painless, the machine booting to how I remember it before running the update. Something I always do before running any major service pack is turn off anti-virus protection. WinPatrol has a facility to disable/enable start-ups… Continue reading