Snappy start-up = no features

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I did something recently that I have never done before. I used the ‘disable’ function in WinPatrol to eliminate some start-up items. For the most part, they were the ones which auto start but don’t show in the notification area, so I would lose nothing, yes?


I knew that the problem wasn’t related to the installation of the SP2 Beta because everything worked directly afterwards. I just could not understand what I could have installed that would stop the onscreen keyboard notices popping up on demand.

So I visited the keyboard and mouse hole in Control Panel, looked around, did nothing because there was no option to do anything, and guess what? The pop-ups returned. Problem fixed?


Anyway, I decided to have a root around in WinPatrol, and the rest is history. The start-up entries for Intellipoint and Intellitype are responsible for the onscreen notifications..

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