• I have installed the 32bit version because the scanner does not have 64bit drivers available. If I can’t get the scanner recognised, I will install the 64bit version of Windows 7.
  • Twenty minutes install from start to finish.
  • It picked up ALL of my hardware except for the Canon Lide 30.

It found my network after I changed the workgroup name to match the others.

It works really well. If all of the software I use daily works on it, I may use it as my primary OS. Before I fully commit, I will have to acquire another SATA drive.

I like the new look Wordpad and Paint. They both have the Office style ‘Ribbon’

So far, I have installed Avira anti-virus, DisplayFusion 2.2.1, SIW, and Alzip 6.7, all without any problem.

Ultramon 3.0.3 does not work, but DisplayFusion will do some of what Ultramon does.

What I do NOT like is that the Start Menu is not available in ‘Classic’ look. I really do hope that this feature is added to the final release..

More to come..