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A ‘Cure all’ alternative..

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What program cleans up all in the list below: Downloaded Program files Temporary Internet files Offline webpages Office setup files Recycle bin Setup Log files System Error Memory Dump files System error Minidump files Temporary files Thumbnails Per User archived Windows error reporting System Queued Windows error reporting Removes all but the last Restore Point… Continue reading A ‘Cure all’ alternative..

Reputable anti-Malware solutions..

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Antivirus Avira – AVG – Avast – Kapersky – ESET NOD32 Antispyware Spybot S&D – Malwarebytes – SuperAntiSpyware OK, there are others BUT The decent ones never produce unsolicited popups which warn of multiple infections UNLESS you have one of the above installed.. Neither do they appear as ads every time that you go to any… Continue reading Reputable anti-Malware solutions..

Vista 64 drivers..

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Whenever I have mentioned anything about installing a 64bit OS and compatibility, some have been very quick to say “no compatibility problems here’ What they actually mean is that all motherboard devices are detected. In some cases, drivers for peripheral devices are available, especially if the devices are NEW models. Apart from the desktop combo,… Continue reading Vista 64 drivers..