Whenever I have mentioned anything about installing a 64bit OS and compatibility, some have been very quick to say “no compatibility problems here’

What they actually mean is that all motherboard devices are detected. In some cases, drivers for peripheral devices are available, especially if the devices are NEW models. Apart from the desktop combo, printer and USB headset, mine aren’t.

Installing Vista 64 on another hard drive was quick and easy. I didn’t have to remove memory, and all devices were detected. I also installed MS Office 2007 and the Vista SP2 RC update. It was all looking so good.


  1. Canon don’t supply Vista 64 drivers for the Lide 30 scanner.
  2. The Nexxstar 3.5 USB enclosure does not have the correct firmware to be recognised, and from what I can see, none is available.
  3. The Intel 536P analogue modem may as well evaporate.

The question is this. What benefit will I get from 64bit that would be worth the cost of a new scanner, USB enclosure and analogue modem?

I have no 64bit applications and I don’t do video or picture editing.

The problem of whether or not a major change is worth what it will cost in $$$$$ is something that many have to weigh up. When a system and peripherals are fitting the bill, it is hard to throw them out and replace with new when they are doing exactly as asked and without issues.

This is how I feel about it, so I will not change up to Vista 64 or anything 64 until such time as my scanner rolls over and dies. I don’t use it much, but I do use it, and I do not feel disposed to laying out good money when what I have works for me.

When I switch to Windows 7, I will use the 32bit variant because all of my hardware, internal and external is supported.