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Cloud security..

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You can fall through them, fly through them, and even walk through them in certain circumstances. Clouds offer little or no resistance. Will cyber clouds be any different? Presently, we have some privacy in what we do on our computers. We can restrict access to our own hard drives by encryption and passwords, and nobody… Continue reading

Windows 7 E..

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The Euro version of Windows 7. There is no upgrade path because there is no equivalent version of Vista, but Europeans will get it at an upgrade price which is good for them. So, you install an operating system cleanly onto a hard drive. Now what? No browser, no e-mail client, the two things that… Continue reading

PC – Personal Computer or Politically Correct?

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Back when.. DOS The choices were: DR-DOS MS-DOS And the winner was… MS-DOS. DR-DOS was probably better, but Digital Research didn’t respond to IBM, and Microsoft did. IBM supplied their own version of MS-DOS only on their own computers. Why didn’t Digital Research push for DR-DOS to be installed by other manufacturers? Who knows other… Continue reading

Keyboard/mouse drivers..

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Microsoft have released Version 7 drivers of the Intellipoint/Intellitype drivers for their range of keyboards and mice, and guess what? The scroll wheel on my Optical Desktop Elite keyboard is working properly for the first time in almost two and a half years. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee Apologies for the exuberance. You might want to go get them… Continue reading


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I am still officially a British Citizen, I hold a British/EU passport, and I don’t intend to let it go anytime soon. However, there are some things which happen in the UK and Europe which really make me cringe. The latest is the response by the EU to Microsoft’s offer to sell a version of… Continue reading

Network Speed

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Internet You pay for 10mb download and an upload speed of 512k (set this low to prevent you setting up your own server). How do you know that you are getting what they say you are? Why, run a a speed test, of course! Before you run anything, bear in mind that there are variables:… Continue reading

Social Networking..

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Twitter definition: intransitive verb chatter: to chatter or giggle in an overexcited or nervous way. In the UK one might use the word ‘twitter’ in the following context: You are on the phone to your mother and she asks how your child is.. “Oh, she is twittering away to herself and seems to be having… Continue reading

Best Buy says..

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.. that Vista doesn’t work, that computer users should take advantage of their free Windows 7 upgrade offer, available if you buy a computer on or after June 26th which has installed on it an operating system which doesn’t work. Best Buys words, not mine!! You can see why Best Buy staff are inclined to… Continue reading