.. that Vista doesn’t work, that computer users should take advantage of their free Windows 7 upgrade offer, available if you buy a computer on or after June 26th which has installed on it an operating system which doesn’t work. Best Buys words, not mine!! You can see why Best Buy staff are inclined to offer misleading information to customers. It comes right from the top of the organisation.

So, Best Buy want you to buy a Vista machine which by their own admission will not work by offering you a free Windows 7 upgrade rather than buy a Vista machine from another retailer which just might work? Supposing one of Best Buys competitors sells Vista computers which do work and also include a similar Windows 7 upgrade offer? That would be much better, wouldn’t it.

The Best Buy deal is the first on the table, I think, but the idea of knowingly selling you a computer loaded with an operating system which doesn’t work does not seem so great. What do Best Buy think that you are going to do in the meantime with an operating system that doesn’t work?

Being serious, the good aspect of this kind offer is that you will have Vista to fall back on if you find that Windows 7 is not to your liking. The bad aspect is that upgrades do not always go as smoothly as they should. Upgrade failures are worse when you have spent time and energy on customizing the original operating system.

OK, here is my two cents. If you wait until October 22nd of this year because, on that date, you can buy a machine which has Windows 7 already installed and you will also save time upgrading an operating system which, according to Best Buy, hasn’t worked since you bought it.

The funny thing is that I didn’t buy my machine from Best Buy and it runs Vista 64 very well. So am I going to buy a machine from Best Buy? Wait one second while I go outside and see if hell has frozen over yet. Mr. Best Buy, I have bad news for you..