I am still officially a British Citizen, I hold a British/EU passport, and I don’t intend to let it go anytime soon. However, there are some things which happen in the UK and Europe which really make me cringe.

The latest is the response by the EU to Microsoft’s offer to sell a version of Windows which does not have Internet Explorer as part of any installation. Microsoft already sell a version which does not have Media Player, so you would think that the EU Commission would be ok with that, yes? Apparently not..

The EU Commission wants Microsoft to ensure that competitor products are a part of an Windows installation. According to the Commission, notably competitor browsers. Opera started this stuff, so presumably they want their browser installed as the default, which is going to piss off Mozilla and Google. If Microsoft were to agree to this, presumably they could include their own browser but not set it up as the default. Of course, they would face the fury of Mozilla and Google who, under the terms of the EU Commission would have as much right to have their competitor product installed as the default.

The next step for the EUC is to question the inclusion of MS Works and trial versions of MS Office. Should Microsoft include Open Office and Star Office too? Before too long, Microsoft will be expected to sell Ubuntu as the base operating system with Windows running in an emulator!!

OK, European Union Commission, go to BMW Munich and give this list of specs for the proposed 2010 BMW M5.

  1. it must have a Mercedes Benz steering wheel just so I remember that there is better made stuff out there
  2. It must have a Skoda interior because it is less wasteful
  3. It must display Renault badges
  4. It must have white lettered no name tires so that people looking at it know that there is more to rubber than Pirelli, Michelin and Dunlop
  5. Performance must not be better than a stock VW Caravanette so as not to humiliate drivers of same
  6. Reliability must not better than that of the MG Maestro EFI. It is about time that BMW owners gotten a taste of what it is like to have to push one’s vehicle to the dealership on a daily basis

Please note that GM have been producing stuff like the above for years and look how well they are doing.

If the BMW high command march you to a wall in the early hours, stand there and take it like men..

Back to reality, eh. I am truly ashamed of what the EU are doing. If I could take back my support for creation of the EU, I would do it right now. The EU Commission is completely bonkers, and the people responsible for the garbage which comes out from it should be jailed without delay.

The people who are ‘served’ by the Commission made it perfectly clear that they were ok with the regular Windows versions. It seems to me that the EU Commission is a self serving body of clockwork lunatics who are looking to appropriate funds under the guise of fines to make up for inappropriate financial judgments made by guess who.. The European Union Commission. This governing body is not to be trusted. It is not working in the best interests of the European Community. The Commission think that all of you Europeans are stupid, and not capable of deciding what you want as individuals.

Vote them out before it is too late..