Initially, everything went along quite well. Windows installed in 30 minutes and, before too long, Office was working too. Updates followed very quickly, and I was pleased with the progress. Under normal circumstances, I would copy my old start menu structure across and re-install whatever was in each section, generally utilities first. This is no longer possible.

So, I decided to get NOD32 in place after installing Office 2007. Ouch!! It looked ok at first, but as I started to install other stuff, I was advised that either the firewall of anti-virus was blocking stuff. After temporarily disabling NOD32, I was still getting the same messages, so I uninstalled NOD.

As luck would have it, I happened to have a version of Kaspersky 2009 available, and installed that. Ouch!!  Not compatible, but there was a download on the Kaspersky website, a release candidate fix. Thanks but no thanks, guys. I started to download Avira free version, remembering that it worked on the beta and RC of Windows 7, but stopped short and tried NOD32 again. So far, so good. It is still working, fingers crossed.

Vuescan has issues with holding registration info, but I have contacted the author for a fix.

Apart form the above, Windows 7 found my network without any prompting, my old HP DeskJet 5150 installed and shared without a hitch, Ultramon has improved the dual screen experience, and DisplayFusion enables me to change backgrounds and screen wallpaper way easier than Windows will natively allow.

More to follow later..