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After a bad day..

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.. essentially any day which ends with the letters ‘….day’, what better than to fire up Halo in a trainer and just shoot everything to pieces. This is what I have used as a stress reliever since the game first appeared in 2001/2002. Windows XP handled it really well, as did Vista, but the display… Continue reading

A day in the life..

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Having promised a 24hr turn around No original disks.. surprise surprise Finger marks all over the screen.. again How do stores get away with selling underpowered junk? Slow?? It doesn’t even boot !!!! Oh cool.. the ‘you may have been scammed’ graphic Ha ha.. soopadoopavirusXPkilla. That will be fun to remove No disks, no obvious… Continue reading


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This statement, made by a UK Microsoft manager, has been called a ‘can of worms’ "What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7, whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format, is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics." Question.. when haven’t Apple and Microsoft ‘exchanged’ ideas regarding looks, and how… Continue reading

Happy third birthday..

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Three years ago today, I was excitedly installing Microsoft Vista Ultimate and Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. My computer is still running very well, just as it did during that heady night, except that Vista has morphed into Windows 7, and the only part of the original partnership left on my machine is Office 2007. Normally,… Continue reading