If extended lists scare you, don’t do this. I now have a ‘god mode’ window containing two hundred and sixty nine functions. Fortunately, they are split up into forty five categories..

A quick recap

269 functions spread across 45 categories

OK, this is how you do it.

  1. Double click on ‘Computer’
  2. Create a new folder and give it this name (copy it from here and paste the name in)


A split second after the folder creation and paste operation, you will get an icon which looks just like the regular ‘Control Panel’, except for the fact that this one has had a steroid injection..

If you have a ‘user pinned’ section on your task bar, the new icon can be dragged to it, or you can place it wherever is most convenient..

NB. There are rumours that 64-bit IE8 crashes if you open the folder icon.. If you have any problems with it, it can always be deleted as fast as it was created..