..  is affected by the amount of obstacles  between the wireless device and the router. Drywall (plasterboard in the UK) does not inhibit signals too much, but concrete (especially re-enforced), brick and metal take at toll.

Something else also affects wireless performance too. Interference from 2.4ghz wireless phones and proximity to other wireless routers. In a detached house, you may never be affected, but if in a semi-detached or terraced house or apartment block, lack of signal can be a real nuisance.

What NOT to do..

  • Re-install Windows
  • Re-install your wireless adapter
  • Throw out your router for a new one

The Cure..

  • Replace your 2.4 Ghz wireless phones for the 5.8 Ghz type
  • Call up the wireless router web interface, and go into wireless settings.
  • Look for settings related to channel settings. You will most likely have to disable the fastest settings in order to be able to select a different channel
  • Try Channel 1 or 11 first, or auto select if you have the option

Lastly, hope that all other wireless users close by don’t all change to the same setting as you have just made.. 🙂