I don’t usually have much faith in driver finders, in fact none at all. However, I was answering a post in Microsoft Answers, and I happened on ‘DriverMax’ as being a solution for backing up hardware drivers. So I downloaded and installed it (it is free, btw) and I tried one or two functions including the ‘find new and install drivers’.

I have always considered myself to be fairly good at tracking down hardware drivers, and the drivers for my nVidia SATA and nForce network card had eluded me completely. In fact, I had disabled the integrated network card and installed a 3rd party variant because the only driver I could find that worked with Win 7 64 would only allow half of the download speed available. 

After a driver scan with DriverMax, it found newer SATA and NIC drivers than I had , so I agreed to the install. Everything went ok and after a reboot, my integrated NIC was allowing full throughput. The only hardware where it totally failed was an Intel 536EP, but I knew that there were no 64-bit drivers for that anyway.

Apparently, it does not find external peripheral hardware drivers, but it does a good job with motherboard stuff.

If you want to try it, take a look here.. http://www.innovative-sol.com/index.htm