The latest unit added to the home network here is no longer a current model. The Toshiba L500 Satellite Pro has been replaced by the L650. This is Toshiba’s statement on the matter..

We’re sorry. The Satellite L500 Series is no longer available at most retail stores, online retailers, resellers, or

That’s nice. At first glance, the major difference is the processor. The new ones have T4500’s which suggests that the i3 is being pensioned off, but there is an i3 in the new product line too. This is why I was so against laptops. Nothing is replaceable. The only part which can be added is a USB network adapter. Great stuff..

Instructions that I gave on buying a laptop.. Do NOT buy one that appears to be a great deal at a knock down price. Guess what. The L500 was all of that. It is a nice machine, but is now OLD. How long before it is passed it? Will Toshiba supply a full complement of Windows 8 drivers?

I wouldn’t normally worry but I am this home’s System Admin, and I am expected to work miracles. This is one that I may not be able to pull off..