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Cyberlink Reviews

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Power2Go 7 This is one of the sections, but they all have a similar appearance – note the facility to rip and convert audio files, and also to launch LabelPrint, a companion utility. Power2Go 7 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and most importantly Windows 7. While working with this program, it is no… Continue reading

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Apparently, this file does not exist, even though a computer might tell you that it does. Certainly, I couldn’t find it. I even removed the laptop hard drive and attached it to another system, just in case there was something hiding it in the host OS. From what I can gather, it is a vestige… Continue reading

Hardware drivers

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DWL G122/132 USB Adapters On the basis of a post in MS Answers.. . I decided to try out my D-Link G132 on my 64-bit Windows 7 desktop. Surprisingly, it installed and was working within a couple of minutes. Why surprising? Well, it was discontinued in 2007 and there were never any 64-bit drivers… Continue reading

MSE updates..

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Why does Windows Update serve these up as optional? I  would have thought that updates for any security program like Microsoft Security Essentials would be essential at the very least.  Regardless of what some consider privacy issues, updates to anti-malware solutions should be installed at the same time as definition updates. I am all for… Continue reading


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I had been playing a game, Zuma’s Revenge, that corrupted after a while. So I decided to uninstall it for a while because I had been playing it too much anyway. It is one of many annoying yet addictive games. Revo Uninstaller I used the advanced removal procedure which claims to to a deep scan… Continue reading


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A real joker is this one. The obvious effect of Findgala virus is easy to stop. All one has to do is locate the Windows Hosts file and delete it. No more browser redirection. Yippeeeee. But wait,, the browser redirection ruse is just to let you know that it has infected you. Any attempt to… Continue reading

All drivers?

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The Intel D101GGC is a motherboard used by OEM computer manufacturers. It has little by way of labels, and I only found out what it was because I installed SIW (the free version). It must have been quite a popular 775 base, ‘must have been’ because it is no longer supported properly. No kidding!!! Type… Continue reading

Problems Pending..

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The wireless connection.. .. to the Toshiba laptop is still giving grief. After a short period of working without a hitch, it decides to hitch anyway after sleep mode or every 6 hours, whichever comes first. I have looked through the D-Link forums, and the latest work around is to disable the Windows 7 Homegroup.… Continue reading