The wireless connection..

.. to the Toshiba laptop is still giving grief. After a short period of working without a hitch, it decides to hitch anyway after sleep mode or every 6 hours, whichever comes first. I have looked through the D-Link forums, and the latest work around is to disable the Windows 7 Homegroup.

OK, done that on all of the network, and have reset the path to the networked printer too. So far so good, but for how long?

The DVD burner..

.. can no longer be classified as a burner because it no longer burns. It reads, it ejects and that is it. After four years of frequent use, it looks like I have to get a new one if I want burning capability on this machine. I have always reckoned on optical drives not lasting beyond four years, so it should come as no surprise. It does however come at an inopportune moment financially. Fortunately, I have a spare machine and will burn on that.

The NNTP Bridge..

.. Microsoft official bridge and the Community Bridge are not always bridges. Instead of linking two sides, sometimes it is more like walking the plank. One gets so far and then just plummets into the abyss. I wish that there was a more reliable way. I do not get along with the MS Answers forum interface as it is now, and my contribution has fallen away somewhat. It my posting average rises, it is only because the Bridge has held up during the times that I sit here.

Rounding up on previous issues..

.. I completely gave up with the D-Link ‘Shareport’ facility. I tried it with a printer (it worked some of the time) and a USB external hard drive (it never worked at all). It is even more unreliable than the wireless connection has proved to be. D-Link should be able to do better, but they are falling down on the job. Shame on them..