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I don’t like the weather gadget which comes with Vista and Windows 7. I much prefer the Weather Networks offering, at least I did until very accuweatherrecently.

Accuweather do a nice line in gadgets, various versions but, strangely, the smallest version does not show the correct temperature. When I installed it and connected to their website, it was 1 degree C out. Not much, I will admit, but enough to cause some concern.

This is the one I have settled on, and this is how it looks. Oh, and it shows the same temperature as the website. The place  name links to a full page on the weather for the locality and even shows an hour by hour view. Like Weather Eye, it flashes up weather warnings. I haven’t seen any yet, and if don’t see one fairly soon, I will run Weather Eye again and compare the two. In the meantime, it looks nice and is doing its job.

For ‘weather huggers’, there is a professional version for which a subscription is required.

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