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Game compatibility

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I dug out an old game of mine having noticed that the Windows 7 Compatibility Centre claims that it is Win 7 64-bit compatible. The game in question is Microsoft Train Simulator v.1. Yes, it installed in compatibility mode, and it started without any corruption of the initialization screens. It ran very well in actual… Continue reading

Mesnews update

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I have been using it exclusively for a while now. Good points: Messages can be sorted in date order while still keeping flagged messages grouped at the top It is fast’ It works with the Community NNTP Bridge It is customizable Bad points: None Mesnews = 1  – Windows Live Mail Wave 4 = 0

Analogue modems

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If you want to fax from a Windows 7 64-bit computer, and unless you are using a new laptop fitted with a compatible analogue modem, you will need to buy one. The Windows 7 Compatibility Centre has a list of compatible modems, and a quick look at prices for aforementioned modems is a nasty business.… Continue reading

Partitions.. a dying strategy

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Potential for partitions on OEM systems: Windows 3.1.. A possible three extra partitions over and above C as the OS created and required only one partition for it to work. The operating system recovery option was nine or maybe ten 1.44mb diskettes, always supplied even when the OS was preinstalled. Diskettes containing installation files for… Continue reading


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You should defrag. It keeps files in some kind of order and, while it may speed up general operations a little, it will reduce wear and tear on the hard drive heads too. I have always been a fan of Diskeeper, and not just because the integrated XP defragger was a derivative of the same.… Continue reading