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Restore points and Windows 7 64-bit..

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It seems that many have a problem with restore points disappearing. See here.. This is possibly the longest thread in MS Answers, and I have read through it because I too had a problem with restore points. What I couldn’t understand was why Windows frequently created them without warning me that there was a… Continue reading

D-Link firmware..

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If you didn’t know, D-Link have dumped Securespot, and may replace the service with something else. Anyway, they are advising users of Securespot routers to upgrade the firmware to version 1.25NA which effectively eliminates any and all mention of Securespot in the router configuration settings. If the firmware does not update, you will have to… Continue reading

As Seen On TV

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Magic Bullets still sell despite some less than favourable reviews, and Cash for Gold is still short-changing people who send their gold jewels in despite less than favourable reviews. So this one has just got to go down big with the TV watching public.. Suffice to say that I have not taken up the offer,… Continue reading

Back to XP..

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My spare computer is not running Windows 7 or Vista anymore. I have decided to set it up for my grand-daughter to be able to play her DVDs and music CDs, and I will get some educational software for her too. She will be over the moon with it, and will not care one iota… Continue reading