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nVidia drivers – removal

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If you are replacing a motherboard which has an nVidia chipset and/or nVidia graphics for a motherboard which has an ATI  or Intel chipset, you will quickly find out that nVidia drivers are not so easy to uninstall. The normal procedure through ‘Programs and Features’ doesn’t quite cut it, and if you take a trip… Continue reading

Easy website creation..

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With no new release of FrontPage since 2003, Microsoft have no application capable of producing a website that just anybody can use. Microsoft Expression and Sharepoint Designer 2007/2010 require HTML and CSS knowledge way above the level of amateur website builders. To be honest, it takes a while to get used to any website creation… Continue reading

Bing bunged..

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When a Brit bungs something, he/she flings/tosses an object away or towards somebody or something. Well, this ex-pat Brit has bunged Bing towards obscurity for now. I am sick to death of the Microsoft ads appearing because Bing has nothing better to offer when I type into the search/address box. As much as I hate… Continue reading