I rehoused all of the internal parts which make up my production computer today. In place of the no name case is a Cooler Master CM690 II ‘Advanced’,  http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?category_id=19&product_id=2970

What I like about it;.

  • It is not pig ugly like many of the cases available
  • There is lots of space inside
  • You get three large internal fans and space for seven more (assorted sizes)
  • All controls and ports are mounted at the top of the case
  • There is a switched external SATA X-dock under a sliding cover on the top of the case
  • Slide in HDD trays including one for a 2.5” HDD

What I don’t like about it..

  • There is not much room for HDD power and signal cables
  • To remove a hard drive, both sides have to be removed because the drives go into the trays power end first

This case design is also available in fluorescent nVidia green trim if you like that sort of thing. Personally, even if I was running an nVidia chipset and/or video card, the more low key all black case is preferable.

The top panel has two USB ports, an eSata port, AC’97 mic and speaker jacks, power and reset buttons on the right side, and a power button for the X-dock and fluorescent front fan light on the left side. The fan stays on even if the light is off.

It is a well constructed, strong case which would suit ‘on the move’ gamers well if it had an integrated handle. The X-dock prevents the placing of an integrated handle on this model, but the nVidia version which does not have the X-dock also doesn’t have a handle either. Mine will be going nowhere, so I don’t care. It would be nice if Cooler Master could supply a webbing cradle plus handle as an accessory.

It is a large case, and with a 1Kw power supply and water cooling installed would be quite a handful to move around, so it would be nice if Cooler Master could supply a webbing cradle plus handle as an accessory.  There are makers and suppliers in the US, but none appear to ship to Canada. Very annoying..