This is the new look website..

This is the driver support for the MS Laser Desktop 6000 set..

The drivers on my system were the latest at the time, and a later version than what is appearing on the URL above.

What is going on here? Should I uninstall what I have now and reload the older versions? Certainly, mouse and keyboard performance locally is nothing to write home about..

So, I uninstalled both mouse and keyboard drivers, remembering to check the ‘delete all driver software’ boxes. The last thing I wanted was for Windows to re-install versions 8.1.5. I now had version 6.1.7601 for both items.

It was always so easy to update Microsoft drivers. I click on the links in the new website, download and install the latest drivers, and what do I get? A message telling me that the 6.1.7601 installed (circa 2006) are later than the latest 7.0 and 8.0 drivers on the hardware driver support page, and that Windows has determined that the drivers presently installed are the best for the job.

I will say this. The keyboard is working way better than it was a half hour ago, but something is obviously wrong with the hardware website.

Microsoft, you can do better than this, so do it..