So that you know what I am writing about, IE9 tracking protection appears like this in the URL box….  no entry

I am all for security and protection, but it can get in the way sometimes, and IE9’s tracking protection is getting in the way. If you roll your mouse over the symbol, it shows the message ‘Some content is filtered on this site’. It is the default setting which is how it should be, but local permission to show content can be changed by clicking on it and turning off tracking for the site that you are visiting.

Two instances where it has had to be disabled..

  1. I use a free ad service called Kijiji. When posting an ad, it asks for a postcode such that it can locate you. Unfortunately, IE9’s tracking protection blocks this facility.
  2. Parts of the Gigabyte website, home page and driver support is blocked, preventing access to driver downloads.

If you are experiencing difficulties with some websites, try turning off the protection as I have done above. It makes for a less stressful experience all round.