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CPU cooling

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Two months into the life of my new build has seen the CPU fan morph from quiet operation to an annoying buzz when under pressure. I noticed it because the case and fans were so quiet compared to what I have had before. There is no doubt that 120 and 140 mm fans are a… Continue reading

PerfectDisk 12

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Raxco were nice enough to send me NFR’s for their latest incarnation, and I have been gracious enough to give it a try. So, out goes Diskeeper (my long time favourite) for now, and in comes PerfectDisk 12. Installation was a breeze, and I have left every setting as default because this is what most… Continue reading


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Look up on a summer day and you will probably see one of these.. It is a white fluffy cloud, beneficial in that it will shade you from direct sunlight as it drifts across the face of the sun. White clouds have a friendly air about them, Dark clouds are not overly friendly. They rain… Continue reading

Why the bad guys win..

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The text in this blog post is taken from an article by Michael Horowitz. A link to the original is here.. but for those of you who are too scared to ever open a link, I have extracted the important part of the article, I agree with what he has to say, and I… Continue reading

Weather Center gadget..

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There is no shortage of weather gadgets, and I have tried most of them.  Ultimately, the most accurate weather reports for Canada come from ‘The Weather Network, so I have had a tendency to use TWN’s own gadget. Now, this is all very good for me, but what if you live in a place where… Continue reading