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Disturbed sleep/hibernation

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Computers don’t wake from sleep or hibernation for ‘no reason’. There is always a reason. Here are some of them. If the computer starts to go into sleep or hibernation, but immediately wakes up again, suspect a driver issue, especially with regard to video and network card  drivers. The general fix is to upgrade to… Continue reading Disturbed sleep/hibernation

New motherboard.. old drivers..

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As you will know from recent posts, I changed out almost my entire system. Out went the AMD/nVidia based system to make way for an AMD/ATI system. Except that not everything went out. I discovered by running SIW that there was a mass of nVidia driver code still kicking around, and I couldn’t upgrade the… Continue reading New motherboard.. old drivers..

Why the bad guys win..

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The text in this blog post is taken from an article by Michael Horowitz. A link to the original is here.. but for those of you who are too scared to ever open a link, I have extracted the important part of the article, I agree with what he has to say, and I… Continue reading Why the bad guys win..