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The best anti-virus..

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.. is the one that can be installed and forgotten about thereafter. For home users, Microsoft Security Essentials is best and this is why.. Of all anti-virus programs that I have tried, it is the least invasive. It can be like this because it works in conjunction with the Windows firewall and doesn’t have to… Continue reading


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I read somewhere that CES may not exist come 2015. Microsoft are making their last performance right now. Apple isn’t there. Others will follow. There is always a lot of hype for these shows, but does anybody care other than your local friendly technophobe down the hall? Will the news, weather and re-runs of Mash… Continue reading

An article on touchscreens..

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It brings up some interesting points: I wouldn’t say that they were ‘hidden’ dangers though. maybe some just not completely obvious. What is obvious is that with a reach of around 60cms, my dual screens are 20cms out of reach. They have to be back as far as they are to save me having… Continue reading


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If you haven’t already heard, Seagate and Western Digital have reduced the warranty period somewhat. It will affect home users most. Seagate are keeping ‘mission critical’ enterprise drives as they are but hybrids and Constellation 2’s will reduce from five to three years. Home user Barracuda’s will be cut from five to just ONE year,… Continue reading

FrontPage and the dreaded FPSE’s – You can finally leave them behind..

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Microsoft’s FrontPage in it’s various guises has been a godsend for many people. It has enabled wannabe website owners to create something reasonably meaningful without having to learn the conventions of HTML, PNP or any of the other obscure conventions required to produce a website. Microsoft hoped that the conventions set by FrontPage would become… Continue reading